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Delay Combat Tournament2 "new game im making with stone"

2011-03-01 17:43:24 by Ongokiller50

Combat Touranment 2: The game is delay once again because, Im still current learning about as3
and that its too much. meaning the game gonna be huge, and may come out next year.
I met Stone( about 4 days ago, I should him my game. He love the gameplay, he needed a monster coder, now I am his coder!

Where making a game together call

Andre's Combo Factory!

gameplay demo:
("Stone talking") YJRg

Ever wanted to play as Andre in a radical combo-based game? You got it. Play as Andre! With over 25 individual attacks and combos the mix of attacks is nearly endless.

Animation / Art: stone
Coding / Gameplay: Ongokiller50

Sponsored By:

I originally had this idea in mind for a few months now. I've always wanted to create a combo-based game that gives you freedom to create your own combos that reward you through points and money which you can spend in the store to create even more epic combos!

I met with Ongokiller50 about 4 days ago, ever since he's been a coding monster and I've been the sprites beast pumping out this beta here for your viewing pleasure. What you see represents about 85% of the game completion. I'm really excited to continue working with Ongokiller50 and see what else we can come up with!

You can expect this to be released hopefully sometime around Mid march :)



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2011-03-02 00:03:09

Awesome man, this is great news! Your games look like something I've never seen in a flash game before and it looks extremely fun. This has massive potential. Good luck!

Ongokiller50 responds:

Thanks dude, it took forever to think of a game epic and avoid combos and such.


2011-03-07 19:21:08

dude I loved your game! I was gonna ask you if you wanted to collab, but Stone's animations are too awesome to pass up. congrats!


2011-03-24 12:41:40

Wow thats wonderful!!!
I saw the vid and man I cant wait...
Also do u mean mid-march of Next Year?!?! Cuz its already above mid of this march!!!
Anway best of luck May this project be a satsifactory one :))

Ongokiller50 responds:

Were done with the game, the host is holding it for some reason.


2011-04-28 10:13:55

please make a tutorial on how to make a stick fight game with flash