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Power Star and Combat Tournament 2 update

2012-08-09 20:12:12 by Ongokiller50

Power Star Game;
I been thinking alot about the fighting system in power star.
so I add in "Berzerk " what is that? Your OVER POWER MOVES! Stuff like Ripping people in half or cutting them up or even just a super punch OR Super armor (you don't react to hits). Get more Power Stars to increase berzerk bar and unlock new moves and powers!

Lets Show some pictures using berzerk moves.

a berzerk grab move on a toad.---
[img] owerstar01.bmp[/img]

Berzerk Sword Use --------(yes u need berzerk to use the sword. Its that Powerful.)
[img] owerstar02.jpg[/img]

berzerk bar will gain as long as you kick ass and do long combos and stay alive.

Now some pictures on what I done this week.
developing the 1st level.
developing Boo's , death , next level , RESET , Menu , and a tutorial on how to play it in the 1st level.
Here's a pic of the 1st level. still needs work.
[img] owerSTarBerzerk.jpg[/img]

I hope these links work.

If theres enough levels/enemys/combos/BOSSES in the game I might release a demo this summer or just call it the full game.
I still feel like this game isn't enough to even be fun for like 40 mins. Its not even fun to me for 4 mins, and so far it takes 40 mins to beat the hole game only if you know how to play it real good 1 hour if u don't I say. wow, too short.

Combat Tournament 2 ----

No graphics have been created yet but alot of coding been created for the game, so I m not shooting out any pictures of it.
I will tell little about it.

No more button mashing for normal players. You now need serious skills to do crazy combos. I'm talking about what buttons to press and timing to do a combo. example . Down,Front,A - down,down , S - down,up,S. Giving "Practice mode"
a good use, and making the game more fun!

What's in practice mode so far?
fps edit , shows what buttons u press , infinite hp/special , frame by frame gameplay , and Frame lag edit.

It will have Online! Yes Now you will be able to vs others all over the world.

online fighting games are a hard task to do. Latency , frame lag and button lag are the biggest enemies when it comes to developing an online fighting game.
Long story short online fighting games need to be sync to all clients when they are fighting each other, and when its sync Frame lag /button lag / freeze happens to prevent false hits false moves , lag attacks.

Just tried online on another computer with about 100-200ms latency(which is very laggy). Gameplay plays real smooth.
wow I Really reduce that frame lag real

P.S : Still working on this post.
P.SS : Fixed the links


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2012-08-09 20:40:00

AWESOME. Seen the pics, and they were good. Can't wait for the demo/full game.


2012-08-09 22:21:42

So the health bar is a placeholder, right?

Ongokiller50 responds:

don't understand what you mean The health bar is a hud to. Get hit it goes down. if its 0 u die.


2012-08-10 09:46:48

so with this summer you mean like this month week or somthing

Ongokiller50 responds:

somewhere this month or when school starts.


2012-08-15 12:50:32

Hi Ongokiller! How is it going with power star game?

Ongokiller50 responds:

fun. :D


2012-08-16 13:23:34

Im a big fan ongokiller!
First time I heard about you was ct1! And that game was awsome. Then ctl comed out and that was frekin awsome! I loved it. But ongo. How is your two games comming out. make a new post please!

Ongokiller50 responds:

its right on top of you lol?


2012-08-16 15:02:53

Not that one. I meant like a new one


2012-08-16 15:04:13

Is the game fun agin?
and post a picture of wave mode please

Ongokiller50 responds:

wave mode is in story mode.


2012-08-16 15:06:20

wait. school starts in 4 days!

Ongokiller50 responds:

not for me. Mine starts in 5 weeks.


2012-08-17 03:29:57

Combat Tournament 2
Do you know about the bug in ctl where slapper says: Your my bitch now! Have you heard that.
Homerun bat is still in there?
Is it story.
How mutch % done are you ct2`?

Ongokiller50 responds:

not giving out any more details about the game. It Still needs DEEP developement.


2012-08-17 03:49:07

When did you get your internet back?

Ongokiller50 responds:

its all ready been anwser'd


2012-08-19 06:54:26

Ongokiller. What are you currently working on in Power Star Game?
I really need an answer. And we need one more photo

Ongokiller50 responds:

Combat System, animating new grab attacks, level developement and fixing up errors when u go to another level. mmmm I think I should make a short video instead.
Btw making a game alone is hard as hell, cause you wont find all the glitches , you wont find all bugs , you , find all the bullshiit in it, or lag Only some.


2012-08-20 07:34:32

video on yotube?
awsome! when?


2012-08-21 09:47:33

so Yeah. I heard that you where going to make a short video. When will that come out?


2012-08-21 13:02:58

Same as the 2 under me dude.
When does the video come out?


2012-08-21 13:03:11

`We cant wait!


2012-08-22 12:34:25

Guys I don't think ongokiller wants to answer that question so just stop it!


2012-08-22 12:35:06

I ask what I want to


2012-08-22 12:35:58

shut up Zurioki. and listen to me.
You have been spammed for over 12 questios now shut up


2012-08-22 12:36:55

Fan i havent spammed its you who do. so get a fuckin life. ongokiller. ban this dude please


2012-08-22 12:38:09

Good for you to say Zurioki! you fuckin bastard. I just told that I dont think that ongokiller wants to answer and you just become full chaos control!
Ongokiller dont ban me. ban zurioki!


2012-08-22 14:45:10

fuck this guy under me


2012-08-22 23:08:37

I'll make A short video on what Exactly Im working on and release it asap. Gotta down does video recording programs.