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Hey guys back!

2013-03-25 23:28:13 by Ongokiller50

Hey guys! I been her working hard on school and working on Combat Tournament 2 mostly.
In case you don't know, I started working on combat tournament 2 way before power star game was even created or was in mind, therefore the game is delayed. Combat Tournament 2 Must come out first!
Here's a pic about combat tournament 2 gameplay!
Note: it's not gonna look the same when the game is out. There still needs alot improvements and changes!

P.S: You can still play power star game demo on my last post.

Hey guys back!


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2013-03-26 01:49:47

Oh my god awesome


2013-03-26 01:51:08

You have greatly worked on your effects and is that stage from rock hard coliseum.

Ongokiller50 responds:

Actually Rock Hard Coliseum was inspired by The Combat Tournament Series. Infact, My voice acting "ready fight"(which is from Combat Tournament Legends) is even in it too. The Artist(travis stone steven) behind rock hard coliseum is the same artist for this Combat Tournament 2 and Combat Tournament Legends. He also is the animator for both. The stage was created for Combat Tournament 2 first but, he wanted to waste less time so he just copy and paste it for Rock Hard Coliseum. It's all in stickpage livestream. You can see for yourself. Btw I did not drew the effect in this one. I just programmed the game.


2013-03-26 12:18:43

Looking good!


2013-04-02 11:34:50

so when you going to work on the shock series game

Ongokiller50 responds:

TBH I can't predict that because I got alot to do and theres alot to predict. Theres only 2 people doing these games. I'm one , stone is the other.


2013-05-29 06:57:15

Bro! you have skype? or anything? XD i did a video commentary on your combat tournament game.
and the power star demo. there was an error in playing with 2 players.
it worked once but now. :(
please we want the 2 players so i can feature this game on my youtube channel: rai471
or look at my profile. tnx your games are awesome! very fast paced. hope to see more from you.


2013-06-22 10:56:04

Made a video about your Power star and your combat tournament Legends games!
Power star game demo w/ commentary
Combat tournament legends Dual commentary funny stuff ^.^


2013-07-19 19:26:59

i bet combat tournament legends is your favorite game it's one of mine to


2013-07-21 13:34:35

I'm sure showing us a fragment of Pure Awesomeness. Like ever.


2013-12-06 22:39:31

Please make more news once in awhile to remind us that you are still alive and making more awesome games :\


2014-02-03 19:37:37

Holy shit! i came back to this page of yours just to see if there was any plans of a tournament 2 and check this sh1t out!!!! :D CANT WAITTTTTTT!!


2014-08-01 14:00:57

cmon dude when are you going to make it i was waiting and ssssssssstillll no Combat Tournament 2 needs to be done by now cause cmon Combat Tournament 2 nnneeeeeeeeddds tooo be dooooonnnne


2014-10-06 09:16:20

in Combat Tournament 2 add character customization plz


2015-10-11 01:07:38

its been 2 years mate what happened to you?