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Color Matrix!!

2017-10-16 10:42:59 by Ongokiller50


I got pixel color matrix working for Combat Tournament 2! Anybody can switch the color of the character ! I was testing it in a team deathmatch with the ais. I got garbage fps though. It's only 4 players and its at 38 / 60 fps. 

I also finally figure of how A* star path finding works and apply it to my game.

Found my files :]

2017-08-28 17:16:37 by Ongokiller50

I found a very old build of Combat Tournament 2 and other games I was working on :]. I might share a free to play like what I did with power star game



All files gone

2017-08-27 21:49:50 by Ongokiller50

Years ago.

With Combat Tournament 2 Engine.

Tested P2P/SERVER online multiplayer with beta testers. Tested for MONTHS and still the netcode is trash.

Tested new characters.

Tested GPU usage.


Woke up one day. Found my pc is cleared by my brother. 

He wanted space to play other games on pc.

He forgot to ask.

I forgive.


I redo the all games for the 5 6 7??th time.

A virus take over my pc and mess up the entire pc.

All files lucky stored in cds.


Cd drive can't read my cds. The Cds dont work.

Redo Combat Tournament 2

Made it Tiled Based(you can see it in older post)

My brother replace old pc pieces with new ones. My files all gone agian.

He forgot to ask,again

I forgive.


2-3 years laters

Worked for a new labtop for Combat Tournament 2.

Redo combat tournament for the 1000 time.

Power Star. Someone please give a swf of it so I can decomplie it and continue where I left off.

Deathrun. Thank god google stored old messages with SOURCE FILES!!!!! :D

I hope my beta tester still have a copy of combat tournament 2 laying around on they pc so I can decomplie it and continue where I left off

Does anyone have any methods of storing saved files more safely?


Combat Tournament 2 Pictures

2016-01-08 13:01:17 by Ongokiller50

Hello, I'm here to show the process of Combat Tournament 2. Lately, I made about three different versions, but keep on changing gameplay due the fact, it doesn't fit with the series or technical issues with coding. I'll show you anyhow.

Version 1. This one is tiled based. Where I tiled level reduce SWF size, but complicated development.




The map is tiled based as you can tell by the black outline squares. I also put a split screen for better 2 player experience. This was made in 2013. I did like the tiled based idea. However, I had to use another program to create maps. I also needed to know how the Ai can travel around the complex world. I completed but gave tremendous lag.


I'll show videos of actual gameplay today a week or so once I fix crashes.

Hey guys back!

2013-03-25 23:28:13 by Ongokiller50

Hey guys! I been her working hard on school and working on Combat Tournament 2 mostly.
In case you don't know, I started working on combat tournament 2 way before power star game was even created or was in mind, therefore the game is delayed. Combat Tournament 2 Must come out first!
Here's a pic about combat tournament 2 gameplay!
Note: it's not gonna look the same when the game is out. There still needs alot improvements and changes!

P.S: You can still play power star game demo on my last post.

Hey guys back!

My Birthday and games!

2012-10-05 16:40:07 by Ongokiller50

Today is my birthday and i'll link you again with the Power star game demo here. 0Game_v11.swf
if there this weird box around the toad just refresh the page.
How do you play? look in my last post . :P
I will still be updating and stuff just not this week, im just gonna do nothing this week.

If you been a stickpage fan then you know that there is a livestream about development on new coming animations and games such as combat tournament 2 and Dual Death Course 2 ! This Livestream you can hang out with us and other fans and even see how the animations are done for these things!


Heres an unfinished Power Star Game!

2012-09-05 22:25:54 by Ongokiller50

Well school for me is gonna start 2morrow so just as I said I will release a unfinished project around this day.
Which is powerstar game!

(give A min to load)
heres the link

wasd = move
G = attack
h = attack2
j = block
y = grab

Please Note that it ISNT DONE. You WILL SEE glitches and ERRORS!
This is just hands on the game before its complete.
My fan waited to long. sorry I keep you waiting for so long, I need to focus on combat tournament 2 more because my worker is seriously behind and in order for him to catch up, I gotta do my part for him. Which is finish Combat Tournament

PS: I will be updating this link everyday and tell you what I done each day!


Fixing the grab errors took really long to fix. I still gotta fix/do the others.
I'll do the rest I listed on 2morrow on monday. I need a break!

- You can now do berzerk move on yoshi/koopa
- Game is on auto normal.
- pause menu position fixed.
- some enemies were removed on easy and normal. They made it feel like hard mode!
- yoshi / toads / bombs / koopa are more balanced in normal. It should feel more challenging than too hard.
- plz note that doing a berzerk on luigi was not suppose to be done in general. Its VERY unbalanced atm. use it while you can as skipping levels. Its not gonna last long.

end of UPDATE 1.22-------

UPDATE 1.23 ----
// did nothing special today(school).
- Mario runs a bit faster.
- How To Play moved to first level
//better than nothing!
end Of Update 1.23


unfair things .

you can move alot faster spamming Front , Front moves.
-----------I will make this a berzerk move so that U can only do it if u have 10 berzerk number.
Luigi is hard on every Difficaulty. (1, 2, 3)
----------- pretty obvious how to fix that. on 1 reaction time alot slow / does less damage , on 2 reaction time alot slow , 3 no down side.
I can speed run every level
----------- "You need to kill everyone in order to continue kind of fix."

bugs I know that I will fix 2morrow.

bug - doing berzerk anything else but a toad will throw an error.
bug - sword does not hit.
bug - a toad got stuck on the roof
bug - stand still and luigi can't get close. LOLOLOL!
strange stuff - stand next a wall real close and jump. it Auto walling. must change.
strange stuff - weird lag on level 2.

- add in does level I done in storymode.

finish level 5---------------
need to add in does new enemies that's not in the demo.
when everyone dies luigi needs to show up and kick my ass and max up my hp when he comes.
IN 2 players 2 LUIGI's need to pop up.

x-------x end WHAT I NEED TO DO-----------

What are your thoughts in this UPDATE 1.22 demo so far?

What Am I Doing In My New Games?

2012-08-23 00:33:39 by Ongokiller50

What Am I Doing In My New Games?
I am not really good when it comes to video editing.
NOTE Graphics are not updated in Combat Tournament 2.
Developing Debuging Combat Tournament 2&Power Star Game
I still showed what I am I develping in each games
heres what was developing

Combat Tournament 2 -
Debugging performance, Testing how well it can run without it lagging ( witch still lags without recording) Need to change it , improve it.
Power Star: Game-
Testing Fighting system and the First Practice level. It feels really boring but need to add a tutorial from the start.
Fans ask What am I doing in does two ATM so heres the answer.

P.S I Am Gonna Have To re code Combat Tournament Rendering System into a new fresh code using starling.It will now use GPU to render instead of CPU. This Mean It will greatly improve its performance a hole lot.

Power Star and Combat Tournament 2 update

2012-08-09 20:12:12 by Ongokiller50

Power Star Game;
I been thinking alot about the fighting system in power star.
so I add in "Berzerk " what is that? Your OVER POWER MOVES! Stuff like Ripping people in half or cutting them up or even just a super punch OR Super armor (you don't react to hits). Get more Power Stars to increase berzerk bar and unlock new moves and powers!

Lets Show some pictures using berzerk moves.

a berzerk grab move on a toad.---
[img] owerstar01.bmp[/img]

Berzerk Sword Use --------(yes u need berzerk to use the sword. Its that Powerful.)
[img] owerstar02.jpg[/img]

berzerk bar will gain as long as you kick ass and do long combos and stay alive.

Now some pictures on what I done this week.
developing the 1st level.
developing Boo's , death , next level , RESET , Menu , and a tutorial on how to play it in the 1st level.
Here's a pic of the 1st level. still needs work.
[img] owerSTarBerzerk.jpg[/img]

I hope these links work.

If theres enough levels/enemys/combos/BOSSES in the game I might release a demo this summer or just call it the full game.
I still feel like this game isn't enough to even be fun for like 40 mins. Its not even fun to me for 4 mins, and so far it takes 40 mins to beat the hole game only if you know how to play it real good 1 hour if u don't I say. wow, too short.

Combat Tournament 2 ----

No graphics have been created yet but alot of coding been created for the game, so I m not shooting out any pictures of it.
I will tell little about it.

No more button mashing for normal players. You now need serious skills to do crazy combos. I'm talking about what buttons to press and timing to do a combo. example . Down,Front,A - down,down , S - down,up,S. Giving "Practice mode"
a good use, and making the game more fun!

What's in practice mode so far?
fps edit , shows what buttons u press , infinite hp/special , frame by frame gameplay , and Frame lag edit.

It will have Online! Yes Now you will be able to vs others all over the world.

online fighting games are a hard task to do. Latency , frame lag and button lag are the biggest enemies when it comes to developing an online fighting game.
Long story short online fighting games need to be sync to all clients when they are fighting each other, and when its sync Frame lag /button lag / freeze happens to prevent false hits false moves , lag attacks.

Just tried online on another computer with about 100-200ms latency(which is very laggy). Gameplay plays real smooth.
wow I Really reduce that frame lag real

P.S : Still working on this post.
P.SS : Fixed the links

Power Star Game Pictures

2012-05-21 21:12:25 by Ongokiller50

what I been doing in PSG(Power star game) is that I been adding new enemys new maps , improving coding here and there
making things fair , so and so

what I added yesterday is what I call "mask blood".
mask blood is when you slash , punch , slam a enemy on the floor , walls ..etc and blood will apear on the walls , floor .. etc
as you can see! :D

Power Star Game Pictures